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Adopt a rescue dog. Gain a friend and save a life!

Search Are you looking for a new pet? Perhaps a dog or cat?
Did you know there are thousands upon thousands of homeless dogs and cats in shelters?

Just because a dog or cat ends up in a shelter does not mean it cannot make a good pet. A lot of pets end up in shelters simply because the original owners did not do their homework,did not understand canine needs, did not research the breed, or mix of breeds in the dog and simply picked the wrong type of pet.

OR never realized how much work a pet was, until they had one, and decided they didn't want the responsibility. Our pounds and shelters are full of excellent, but misunderstood dogs. By misunderstood I mean, most dogs are in the pound because they had owners who could not speak dog. Owners who didn't give the dog what it instinctually needed and in return they created a dog with issues. The two number one reasons a dog develops issues are, lack of exercise, and lack of leadership. Humans for get they are dealing with a canine animal and too many times do not give the canine what he needs as that animal. When the dog does not act like that picture perfect image they had in their minds they assume they "didn't get a good one." and they "get rid" of the dog. That's the bad news. The good news is since dogs live from day to day, meaning they do not dwell in the past or the future, it is absolutely possible to take a full grown dog and start over as if it is the first day of the rest of their life. Do it right and you will see a totally different dog than the owners who dumped the dog at the pound saw.

Successfully Adopting a Rescue Dog

There are many reasons why one should check into getting a rescue animal FIRST when looking for a new pet. Shelters out there are flooded with great pets who are just waiting for a home to love them. A rescued animal will cost you less than buying a puppy from a breeder, is less work and you will be saving a life!

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